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Our history

It all started in the Czech Republic, during the Indian Riders Fest in June 2022.

The organizer Jean-Marie Guyon had asked me to be the female ambassador of the event, it seemed obvious to me to honor female bikers by organizing a female parade.

Ladies Group

It was the first international women's parade, with around sixty bikers from 10 European countries.

This unforgettable experience created bonds between us, which have lasted beyond the event.

Today, we wanted, with Betty and Sly, to formalize this nascent union, this synergy across Europe, by founding an association that would make Indian and Victory women's motorcycles known and would put us all in the spotlight.

Karne TRUKI - President Indian Ladies First

And because a biker is a pilot, but also a passenger who follows her rider everywhere, travels with him, takes the rain, suffers from the heat, falls with him sometimes, we have also decided to honor the loyal and assiduous passengers, who also make the history of the female motorcycle, as "Indian Ladies First Guest".

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